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Startup - Innovative Contactless Payment & Badging systems

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Prologin 2015
National Programming Contest


Nuit De l'Info
Contest during a night

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A platformer video game

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Google pour les pro
Google certification


Innovgame By EFREI
Video game contest

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ADF - Agence des fluides
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About me

My name is Cédric EMONNEAU
I'm a French ingenious developer. I conceive unique products and system from webapp to mobile app and game on game console.

I have been interested in programming since the age of 11 in a self-educated manner and my only information sources have been books and Internet.

I'm currently at Polytech Tours, a French engineer school to obtain my master.

But, during my free time, I work on a lot of projects, so feel free to read about them !

Currently, I'm mostly coding in PHP and Javascript for my big project Weecop, and also in C# for my video game Reverse.

As environment of development, I'm using IntellijIdea Ultimate and Android Studio.

Startup - Innovative Contactless Payment & Badging systems

In 2015, I founded a startup with 3 friends, Weecop.
Weecop is specialized in new forms of contactless payments & badging systems.
Our platform is in charge of handling users’ money and payments.
We develop all the technology internally, from the website to the applications (Android and Ios) and the Nfc chips.

The project has been selected and rewarded multiples times in contests : "Capgemini", "Total EDHEC", "ILAB Tremplin", "Défis Campus" and more.

In the team, I’m in charge of developing all the platform and the Android application. I’m also managing the servers. Due to the NDA, for more information, please contact me.

Prologin 2015
National Programming Contest - Artificial intelligence

I love Artificial Intelligence.

So, when I learned about the contest Prologin, organized in France, I had no choice to participate.
Prologin is a 3 step competition, the first is online, the second is regional, and the final is at Paris.
The most relevant part is obviously the final which take place at EPITA, an informatics school. During this time, we had 36h to create an AI battling the others.
I wrote mine in C++ and I finished in the top 50 (from 1500 at the beginning).

Nuit de l'info
Contest during a night

The night, the best time to work and not be disturb.
Well, that is the main idea of "Nuit de l'info", a french competition organized in a few schools at the same time regrouping multiple teams.

So why not participate at a night contest?
Our team was composed by only 2 people : Antoine PECQUET and me.

During the Nuit de l'info, in december 2014, we won a challenge which was to create a computer game (every type of game allowed) running in a desktop browser, but controlled by a smartphone.
The technology was free.

We used for the game running on the computer only Html, Css and Javascript. The graphics were rendered on a canvas.
For the remote, running on a smartphone, we used the same technologies, and for the communication between the two, we set up a NodeJs server. The remote use the smartphone's accelerometer to move the player.

The game is still playable, but, if you want to fully enjoy the game, you will have to run a NodeJs server with the websocket plugin installed. When loadging the game or the remote, it will ask you the server IP, if you just want to try the game, press escape and play with the keyboard.

Play the game
The remote
The NodeJS source code
A zip containing everything

A platformer video game

Reverse is one of my free time project.
The project was started in 2014 and was originally written in C++ with OpenGL, but due to a lack of time at this period, the project was abandoned.

Mid 2016, I found time to restart the project, and here we are. The game is now developed with Unity3D with 3d artworks but with a 2d camera.

The story and the game is taking place is space inside an asteroid where the gravity differs depending on location.
The core mechanics have been rewritten, the gravity and collision system, and I'm currently working on the graphics of the game.
The game is also translated in French and English, and if i have time, more language will come
It will be available on Computer (Windows/Linux/Mac), smartphones (Android and Ios) and maybe consoles, but the game will be of course playable with a remote on computer.

A demo is currently in the hands of selected player to find bugs and work on "how the game feel".
The release (beta) is scheduled for june 2017, and the game release for march/april 2018.

Here is a little sample of how the gravity mechanics work

Google pour les Pros
Google certification

In 2016, I took some time to try the Google Certification, Google pour les Pros in France, The Digital Garange in United Kingdom.
At first it was just to see their training, but I finished all the 89 lessons, and ... I got the certificate.

So here is my certificate

Agence Des Fluides
Company Website

Created with Wordpress, this website is the ADF Homepage showcasing. The graphical charter was supplied.
A plugin has been specialy developed to allow a Dropbox like mechanism allowing the company to transmit files to their customers with a password and directly on their website.

Innovgame By EFREI
Video game contest

Innovgame By EFREI, in 2012, is a contest organized by a French informatics school where the goal is to create and promote a video game. The time allowed is approximately 5/6 months.

I created a game named “ImpactMania” which was a 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) where the map was destructible: the map was based on voxel style improved to be smooth.

The game was written in C++ with OpenGL and SFML (to handle the window & user inputs).

I won the price “Heart stroke of FREE” (one of the leader in Telecom in France).

Due to a data loss, I don’t have screen or executables at this time, and the website of the contest is no more online (the contest has been stopped). So, if by any chance I found it back on a distant backup, I will upload it back.